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"What matters most is that these recent reliefs ( by the first major talent in sculpture in the 70s) disclose a disciplined sensibility that creates out the chaos of dream or vision images of poise rather charm, that pursues the hazardous routes of complex order rather the slick lines of cosmetic beauty."

"Mercado’s art engages the way it does precisely because it reveals as much as it conceals. What it reveals is a world of irrational forces , passion ,brute , instinct, the awesome regions of the subconscious – the lunar side of human nature – that all of us must be able to come to terms with... to do so is a necessary hazard of the surrealist experience. For Mercado’s is nothing if into a visual/tactile medium of suggestion, which seeks to get the viewer involved; in other words, the sculptural medium Mercado offers is “cool” in the McLuhan sense, a mind-message the viewer is co-opted, made to co-create, to imagine what is left unsaid or hinted at, to fill in “ gaps of meaning”. So to speak."

The Full moon series of Conrado Mercado
BY : Emmanuel Torres, Poet, Art Critic
Curator, Ateneo Art Gallery
Art Review, December 3, 1973

"Conrado Mercado's figurative mural-size canvasses, such as Limbo and Camposanto are uncommon in their range, invention and expressionistic power."

Alice Guillermo, Observer Magazine, June 11, 1982

"Conrado Mercado, at the age of 29, has thus succeeded in manipulating his chosen materials and format with the skill and familiarity bred of long and fruitful experimentation, in creating an art form with a profound and timely meaning, and at the same time, in drawing on formal echoes from the Philippine visual past. He has already made a major contribution to Philippine art."

By: Nancy Rocamora, the Gallery Hopper
August, 1974

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